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Teeth Whitening

Refresh Your Appearance

Some people seem to have been born with a naturally vibrant smile. But no matter how naturally beautiful your smile may be, life can takes its toll over the years. Things we may come into contact with every day, like certain foods or beverages, plus tobacco, and even certain medications, can cause stains that darken the surfaces of teeth. Coffee is one of the biggest offenders, as are tea, red wine, and dark-colored soft drinks. Over-the-counter whitening products can offer some helps, but in most cases it takes a professional whitening system to effective renew a smile’s natural whiteness. That’s why, at Dr. Kaiser's Dallas dental office, we often professional in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.

Whitening a smile with in-office teeth whitening takes just over an hour with the UltraDent Boost system. In that time, the surfaces of your teeth will take on a whiter, brighter appearance that is up to eight shades better than it was before. That’s because UltraDent Boost contains a 38-percent hydrogen peroxide concentration, compared to the typical 3 to 10 percent found in the products at your local pharmacy or grocery store. After a single one hour appointment at our Dallas office, you’ll enjoy immediate results that will improve the appearance of teeth and enhance your confidence.

In-office teeth whitening isn’t for everyone, though. Some patients prefer to whiten at their own pace. That’s why Dr. Kaiser can also provide a prescription-strength home whitening kit. With a home whitening kit, our Dallas-area patients can still achieve the kind of stunning results that in-office whitening can but over the course of several days instead of a single hour. As part of that process, we will create custom bleaching trays and supply a potent whitening gel with your kit. To whiten your smile with this option you’ll simply need to apply a thin layer of the solution to the trays and then wear them as directed every day. You may start to see an improvement in how your smile looks right away, though it can take between two to four weeks for you to get your smile at its absolute whitest.

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