Restorative Dentistry – Dallas, TX

Repairing Damaged Pearly Whites

A broken or visibly decayed tooth is more than just an aesthetic issue. Chewing can become more difficult, and the issue will only get worse the long it goes without treatment. That’s why Dr. Jina L. Kaiser aims to treat dental damage as quickly and conservatively as possible with restorative dentistry. With her personalized, gentle approach and dedication to using durable yet lifelike materials, you can trust that repairing your smile will be a smooth process with excellent results. Call our office today to set up your appointment!

Why Choose Jina L. Kaiser, DDS for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Caring, Attentive Dentist & Team
  • Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Dental Materials
  • Fully Customized Dental Treatment Plans

Dental Crowns

To repair a tooth with deep cavities or fractures, Dr. Kaiser may suggest an all-ceramic crown. Also called a cap, a dental crown fits snugly over prepared tooth structure to restore health and strength. Because a white smile looks natural and appealing, Dr. Kaiser places all-ceramic crowns when possible.

We can repair your tooth in just two appointments. At the first visit, Dr. Kaiser will remove the compromised tooth structure and take an impression of the tooth. She will place a temporary crown until a trusted dental lab has completed your permanent restoration. At that time, you will return so that Dr. Kaiser can check the fit and bond the final product into place.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

For smaller cases of tooth decay, we can replace the lost enamel with fillings made from composite resin. Because this material can be shaded to match the natural shade of your teeth, your results will be seamless. Plus, tooth-colored fillings contain no metal, and compared to traditional fillings, they don’t require as much (if any) of your existing tooth structure to be modified to make room. As a result, this solution is more conservative and better for the tooth’s long-term health.