Preventive Dentistry – Dallas, TX

The Cornerstone of a Healthy Smile

We encourage our patients to make general dental care a lifelong commitment. Excellent home care and routine checkups are the cornerstones of optimal oral health and following through with restorative treatment is essential. Dental problems, like tooth decay and gum disease, will not go away without professional dental care. In fact, these and other dental problems will worsen and cause more significant problems – and pain. Dr. Jina L. Kaiser wants to help you avoid such problems with preventive dentistry. If it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, call our practice to schedule your next one!

Why Choose Jina L. Kaiser, DDS for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Close-Knit Dental Team with 20+ Years of Experience
  • Fully Digital X-Rays for Maximum Safety
  • No Rushed Appointments

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

During your routine checkups, we will take X-rays to update your records if necessary. Dr. Kaiser will screen for oral cancer, assess your gums, and inspect each tooth in your mouth. She’ll also look at how your teeth work together, checking for proper occlusion and areas of tooth wear. Our hygienists will clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, which contribute to bad breath and gum disease. If you have questions about the dental care products you use at home, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be happy to show you tips for effective brushing and flossing, as well.

Sometimes, dental problems arise, despite your best efforts. If we discover signs of damage or disease during your routine checkup, Dr. Kaiser will explain her findings and work with you to develop a plan to restore your dental health.

Oral Cancer Screenings

On average, oral cancer claims one life every hour, usually because the symptoms tend to remain unnoticed until the disease has progressed significantly. That’s why Dr. Kaiser thoroughly screens for oral cancer during your routine dental visits. She has been trained to identify any abnormalities in the tissues of your mouth and throat, and if she finds any, she’ll arrange for you to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Nightguards for Bruxism

As many as one out of every three Americans grind their teeth and clench their jaw while they sleep. Not only can this condition (called bruxism) wear down the teeth, but it can also strain the muscles in the face, leading to TMJ disorder and chronic jaw pain. Since this habit primarily occurs while someone is unconscious, it’s nearly impossible to stop directly. However, Dr. Kaiser can shield your teeth and jaws by providing a custom nightguard. This device places soft yet durable cushioning between the upper and lower arches of teeth while also alleviating pressure from the jaw muscles.

Fluoride Treatments

Most people receive plenty of fluoride through their toothpaste and drinking water, but some could benefit from additional exposure to fluoride. This mineral works to prevent cavities by fortifying the enamel of the teeth, and our team will be happy to provide extra-strength fluoride gel to your teeth after your regular cleanings.

Dental Sealants

The back teeth are especially vulnerable to decay (particularly for children) because of their pitted surfaces, which can trap harmful food particles and bacteria. To offset this risk, we can cover these surfaces with a thin layer of plastic known as a dental sealant. This creates an invisible barrier that protects the back teeth from cavity-causing factors for several years to come.